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Ada Breedveld’s art always brings a smile to my face.  Featuring lovely, happy, and content fat ladies.


Ada has developed her own typical style and theme, “the imposing presence of fat and tender women” which are appreciated among collectors. The prominent figure in Ada’s work is large, imposing, fat women with love for the finer things in life.

These ladies seem to revel in whatever they are doing, and have a comforting “mother earth” type of sexuality – whether the depiction is cis or lesbian.  Her ladies are often depicted as flying/soaring; and they are often shown barefooted.

And I especially love the big fat strong arms – something I have found is missing in many images of fat people – just made for embracing all that life gives.

I just love these images of joy, of fat women who are pleased with themselves, and who are never “weighed” down by their size.

They are strong, happy, and able.

Here are a few images, and you will find many more at my Pinterest Board



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