Alberto Godoy · fat art

Fat Art – Alberto Godoy


The art of Alberto Godoy is clearly inspired by his life in Cuba (from which he escaped in the 1980s).  The colors are rich and warm.  The subjects are round and bound to the earth with their huge feet.


“At the heart of my work is one basic philosophy:  that perfection is found in the spherical nature of the universe.  The rotund figures in my paintings are the manifestion of this belief.”  Godoy

I find the stability of the subjects in these paintings to be comforting.  They are immovable, except under their own volition.  Nobody is going to push these people around.  And although tied to the earth with their outsize feet, they move with grace; and seem to have a satisfaction with themselves and life that we all would like to achieve.

Another interesting thing about Godoy’s art is the number of fat male figures.  I have found most fat art is centered on the fat female form.  It is great to have these examples that include both genders!

What a wonderful message that the artist finds these round figures to be a form of universal perfection!



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