Alison Galvan · fat art

Fat Art – Alison Galvan



I personally like this art.  I liked it better before I looked at the artist’s site.  I find a certain joy in her art and I especially like the mixing of mediums to create a 3-D effect, accentuating the roundness of her fat subjects.

Galvan also has a series of coloring books:   Chubby Art Cartoon Colouring Book Series for Grown Ups; which look like they may be fun.

But I’m not sure whether Galvan is laughing with us or at us.  Sometimes the titles she gives her art leave room for doubt.  There is at least one title and piece of art (that I hadn’t seen before) that I find truly objectionable.  And that, rightly or wrongly, makes me suspect the intent of the rest of her fat art.

Except for her coloring books, she seems to have moved on from her fat art, moving into landscapes and the like.  Good.  You can’t demean a stalk of wheat.

So my appreciation of this art is now tinged with sadness, but I hope that I can learn to forget the artist and just let the art speak for itself, because it is clever and fun.




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