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Fat Art – Aitch


Known as Aitch, Romanian artist Heliana Adalgiza, creates a rich fantasy world, sometimes populated by fat people

My work is mostly inspired by my memories, my heritage, the present and my dreams… Sounds kinda cheesy, but it’s true! Every piece I create has a personal story to it, or represents some sort of an emotional discharge for me.

The rich colors and intricate content of her paintings do seem evocative of Romanian folkart yet also have a very jungle/tropical feel.  Her subjects seem pensive, always on the verge of arriving at an emotion, whether it is sadness or happiness or contentment.  I find there is an inherent stillness in the subjects of Aitch’s paintings.

For the most part, the women depicted in Aitch’s art, while large and rounded, do not always seem particularly fat to me.  But they have an undeniable thickness and largeness.  They are solid and strong.

On a fun note, she created a “Girlyveggie Fruit Alphabet” which has women of all sizes portrayed as fruit and vegetables.  I love it because people are as diverse in shape and size as vegetables and fruit, and it’s all good!



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