Anna Atoyan · fat art

Fat Art – Anna Atoyan


I could not find a lot biographical information on Anna Atoyan.  She was born in 1967 in Lviv (which turns out to be the largest city in Western Ukraine).  She graduated Lviv Art Academy and she paints on silk and warm batik (I have no idea what warm batik is – I thought batik was a style not a material – oh well).

Atoyan doesn’t concentrate on fat subjects, and, in fact, I most of the large figures are more thick than fat.  But the subjects are large and imposing and a touch surreal.  Painting on silk gives much of the art a fluidity and ghostliness which I like a lot.

nyhow, I would love to know more about her personally because her work is haunting.  The faces are all similar – large noses, small eyes, that I find unreadable.  I don’t know what the subjects are feeling but I am left feeling a little disturbed by the images maybe because there are secrets behind those eyes.


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