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Fat Art – Arthur de Pins



French artist, cartoonist, and illustrator, Arthur de Pins, uses people of all sizes and ages in his work, but what I like best is what I consider to be his “chubby art” – the Peches Mignons (“Cute Sins”) series.

His love for creating characters paired with his desire to see them through picaresque circumstances have naturally led Arthur de Pins to thrive in the comic books field through three successful series: the erotic series Péchés Mignons (published by Fluide Glacial), the gloomy and fancy Zombillenium (Dupuis) and the animal fable La Marche du Crabe (Noctambule).

These curvaceous cuties tend to be bottom heavy with small waistlines, high small breasts and cute fat faces.  They are just fricking adorable.  And it is clear they know they are adorable and revel in their curves and power their looks afford them.

Are these ladies fat?  Yes.  They may have smaller waists and breasts but they are definitely fat.  They are pear shaped, and every bit of them looks soft and bouncy.  I am so glad that M. de Pins has included this series as part of his artistic repertoire, as they clearly show how sexy fat bodies can be.



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