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Fat Art – Aurore Damant



Like most illustrators and animators, French artist Aurore Damant’s subjects vary in size and shape; however, her fat subjects tend to be short, round and cute.  I consider this “happy fat art” – for two reasons – the subjects are happy and they make me feel happy.

It seems like more of Damant’s subjects are fat than what I’ve seen with other illustrators and animators.

What is your most favorite subject to draw?  And why?

Any kind of people or animal looking a bit weird.  Fat, ugly, over cute, character with huge thighs, animal with too much hair, anything that makes people difference and hang-ups.  I’m not really interested by smooth subject, I find the perfection quite boring.  If I draw a pretty girl, at least she has to be sneaky.

I think it is interesting that Damant thinks that drawing fat subjects qualifies as a kind of people looking a bit weird.  But then, she admitted in this interview that her English is pretty basic – she may have meant unusual or outside the norm or expected.

With other art it is sometimes difficult to tell if the subject is truly fat or just large (i.e., muscular).  This is especially true with children – who are often depicted as having a thicker body shape.  With Damant’s art, there is no doubt about whether or not her subjects are fat.  They are fat – delightfully so.


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