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Fat Art – Avner Geller



Avner Geller was born in the US but raised in Israel.  He then came back to the US for art school and remains here – very busy in the animation industry.

The style Geller’s work seems to vary a lot; from out-and-out cartoon animation to his imaginative pencil sketches (that show so much more detail); and like many character designers, his work consists of people of all sizes and in work that features more than one subject, you will often see some fatties included.  I always like to see this because fat people are part of life – we are everywhere.

With completion of his studies his graduation film Defective Detective (Co-Directed by Stevie Lewis) won the Student Academy Award for the Best Animated Film, as well as numerous other awards at festivals around the world. Avner went on to intern at Pixar Animation Studios. Since then, Avner worked on Henry Selick’s set aside stop motion film The Shadow King.


I LOVE his two drawings where he takes ancient fertility goddesses and creates modern-day women from them.  I would like to see a lot more of these.

Geller’s drawings always seem to have an on-going story, and we’re getting a peek into that story.  The art intrigues me and sets my imagination loose as I start creating my own stories to go along with the art.

Fat Art – Avner Geller


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