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Fat Art – Anne Klocko


I just learned something interesting about Anne Klocko – she lives about 10 miles from me.  Who knew?

For the most part Klocko’s work is more chubby than fat.  Her figures in dresses might or might not be fat – I make the choice to believe the full skirts cover a fat body.  Ditto with her chefs – the tunic top suggests a sizeable belly and bottom.  Her beach series features more obviously fat figures.

Klocko’s art has very clean lines and at the same time are filled with lots of color.

More recently she has expanded her style from 3-D wall hangings to more standalone figures.  I am really liking some of her new art.  It’s always fun to see an artist going in new directions.

     I love making things that bring smiles, pieces that evoke a sense of pleasure. With the polymer clay, I have a medium that allows me to be a perfectionist. I attempt to make each face and each hand expressive, and to make them detailed, right down to the last fingernail. The clay allows me to work with color, my ally, my love. Ceramics are monotone, jewelry is grey, wood is brown. My girls, though, are a wild and colorful bunch.

Klocko’s art is successful in bringing smiles!  Her art is sweet and happy.

Fat Art – Anne Klocko



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