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Fat Art – Barbara Lavallee


OMG.  How much do I love the artwork of Barabara Lavallee?  How could you not love the pure joy of her paintings?  Depicting life lived in the frozen north, her paintings are still full of warmth and color.  And she’s a prolific artist, so there is a lot of art to love.

Barbara Lavallee describes herself as a “very happy person.” Indeed, her happiness is vividly presented in her folk art scenes. Born and raised in the Midwest, she holds a degree from the Illinois Wesleyan University. Her experiences teaching art in the Bureau of Indian Affairs schools both in Arizona and Sitka, Alaska have given her a rich knowledge of Native American culture. Ms. Lavallee came to Alaska in 1970 as a teacher. In 1976, she left teaching to devote her time to painting and printmaking. Barbara’s paintings reflect her interest in people; how they live and what they do. Lavallee, a watercolor artist, portrays whimsical stylized characters dressed in vibrant colors.

Her art focuses on Alaska native culture that speaks to all people.  She is also an illustrator of children’s books.

The subjects of her paintings are large and soft and lovely.  They leap and dance, play and work, and there is a strong sense of community in all of Lavalle’s paintings that I just love.

Fat Art – Barbara Lavallee


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