Beth Carver · fat art

Fat Art – Beth Carver


Beth Carver’s paintings feature women of differing sizes, but usually include at least one fat woman.  I wondered what inspired this wonderful paintings of women, always at the beach and/or cavorting in the water.  Reading this (from her webpage) I find these paintings even more heartwarming:

Patrons, whose emotions are stirred by the joy she reflects in all her work, ask her what inspires her and how she achieves the impact they feel. She tells them that her inspiration was the result of an epiphany she experienced on the beach of Melbourne, Florida, where she was meditating the impending death of her father. She became aware of a big, older woman playing in the surf like a child, whose exuberant joy lifted Beth’s spirits. From that time forward, Beth’s paintings were centered on the precious simple joys of living, and she uses all the skills of her muse to make the viewer feel the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sea like the touch of a friend or relative bringing love and happiness.

I love the joy of life and sense of community between women that Carver’s paintings reflect.

So many fat women avoid the beach or the pool because they are self-conscious about being seen in swimwear.  These paintings show that beach bodies are your body at the beach.  That everyone can enjoy some time in the sun and water, and that friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Fat Art – Beth Carver


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