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Fat Art – Blakeinobi / Blake Eason



Of course I love Blakeinobi’s (Blake Eason) work.  The gentleman hails from Michigan, natural habitat of the fatties!

I was born in Kalamazoo, MI and it’s where I currently live. Since the day I could remember, I have loved drawing. I’ve been teaching myself to use any medium that I get my hands on. I primarily work digitally, but I also enjoy using acrylics and watercolor. I currently work freelance while continuing to work on personal projects.

His work is mostly populated by fat to very fat women, and includes a lot of fantasy characters, such as mermaids and fairies.  I always like to see fantastical fat images.  Fat folks have always been part of the human race, why shouldn’t mermaids and fairies be fat too?

I’ve also included some of his character studies which show fat bodies using their bodies in amazing ways.

Some people would consider Blakeinobi’s work as fat “cheesecake”.  I think there is more going on than that; but even if you think it is cheesecake, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Cheesecake is delicious and so are Blakeinobi’s creations.

If you like Blakeinobi’s work you can support him through Patreon.

Fat Art – Blakeinobi



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