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Fat Art – Bobby Pontillas



Animator and character designer Bobby Pontillas’ styles vary quite a bit, so I can’t say his work is readily identifiable to me like some artists’ work is.

Most of his subjects are not fat, but he has a good eye for the fat body when he draws a fat character.

In my mind, appeal is totally subjective. There are no rules. Simply stated, it’s what you like looking at. Which could be for a myriad of different reasons. Talking to different artists, they all find different things appealing. It’s all over the map. The most you can do, working in this industry, is find out what the majority of your audience finds entertaining. It doesn’t have to be status-quo or predictable, people like to be pleasantly surprised. Things that are visually interesting, something that they can relate to, characters they can empathize with, are all examples of why audiences are attracted to certain things.  We’re all artists and want to express ourselves, but as story tellers it’s important to keep the audience in mind.

While he has some fat female subjects, it seems most of his fat art is of men, something you don’t see a lot of in fat art.

I enjoy Pontillas’ art, not just because he is portraying fat people in a positive way, but because each character’s personality shines through and makes you want to know more.


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