My disclaimer.  I am not a student of art.  I have no training whatsoever in art.  I am not putting myself out as any kind of expert, not even as an art appreciation dilettante.

I am a fat person.  Specifically, a fat old lady, and I have been fat most of my life.  I’ve spent too much of my life, and have wasted too much of my life not appreciating my own body for the wonderful things it can do because it was a fat body.

One of the things that has helped me learn to appreciate my own fat body was admiring other fat bodies – both in real life and as depicted in art.

I was first exposed to fat art through NAAFA (a group working for civil rights for fat people); and then at science fiction conventions.

I have bought a few pieces of fat art, but I’m not rich and so I could never afford all the fat art that I wish I could own.

Enter Pinterest.

I have used Pinterest to create my own collection of fat art.  While not all of my Pinterest boards (currently 496) are dedicated to fat art – I’m guessing less than 50 of my boards are about things other than fat art.

If I can find more than 5 examples of fat art by a certain artist, that artist gets his/her own board.  For those pins where I cannot determine the artist or where there are not at least 5 different fat art pins for the artist, that all goes into either “Fat Art”, “Fat Art – Figures” or Fat Illustration.

Not all of the art is what I would consider fat positive, but I include it because I find the depiction interesting or beautiful and I also think it is an interesting (and important) part of art to capture and portray the view of the artist and/or society in general.

There is little that makes me happier than discovering a new (to me) artist who focuses at least part of their work on fat people; so I have decided I want to share some information on fat art and the artists that create fat art, and hope that you will find as much enjoyment from them as I do.

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