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Fat Art – Carla Raadsveld



Carla Raadsveld was born in Rotterdam, where she studied art, receiving scholarships in both Italy and South Africa for further studies.  She now lives in Ireland.

Her art is distinctive and recognizable.  Many of her paintings feature large women with cats.  Two things which I approve of heartily.

A gallery described my recent  work as ” contentment with a smile.” I like that, it sounds a lot better than “big women with crazy cats.”

The act of painting is very important to me, as is the composition. The painting has a life of its own. I don’t use sketches, just a vague idea of what the result might look like. That idea can change totally during the painting. It’s never a dull moment.

Cats are very present in my work, birds as well. My companion cats think that my every painting is great, that helps a lot of course.

While the women in her paintings are large and rounded, for the most part I would say they are more average sized than fat.  However, from time to time, fat women are depicted.

She prepares her canvases by painting them black, and then painting over that.  Time consuming, but I think it may be what gives her paintings a distinctive glow and warmth.

Fat Art – Carla Raadsveld