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Fat Art – Carlos Ferreyra



The warmth and humor of Carlos Ferreyra’s paintings reflect the world he grew up in, in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Carlos Ferreyra has been creating art all of his life. … Carlos Ferreyra not only developed a unique painting technique, but also created a body of work that interprets the moods and events of an entire culture.  His newest line of work is dedicated to “The important moments of the people without importance”. With his works of art, Ferreyra honors everyday life, the dignity of the common job and the humility of simple things. Here, he opens a window for us to see his memories, to glance at a moment frozen in time, which in many ways becomes a memory of our own past that we might have taken for granted. … Ferreyra is asked: How did you learn to paint? He answers: “Alone, on those endless afternoons in Santa Fe. At the dining room table with one of my father’s carpenter pencils, on the white paper that the bread used to come wrapped-up in every day…. Always with the still and amazed gaze of my mother, who was starting to realize that there would be a different path for her son. I had no other school than myself, no other tools than my imagination.”

His paintings are of people of all sizes and ages living and enjoying life.  The people are, for the most part, happy and content; but even the unsmiling faces show people who know who they are.  They are secure in their own identity and place in the world.  There is a true sense of culture and community in Ferreyra’s paintings that I particularly enjoy.